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How I Teach

I'm excited to provide a safe space for everyday makeup beginners to learn without judgement or criticism for their desire to look natural, not overdone.


I teach everyday women how to increase their confidence, maximize their beauty budget, and save time on application!


Learning how to do your own makeup will maximize your time, money, and confidence! 

Time - Learning how to create your 10 minute makeup routine will help you get there on time! LOL!

Money - You don't need a ton of products for a flawless look. Understand what products you need and which ones you don't! 

Confidence - When you look good, you feel good, and you just might receive a lil' favor, too!

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I created the Better Than YT Makeup Class platform to reach makeup beginners all over the world. This fun, innovative way of learning includes LIVE online classes, a makeup school for everyday women, and a safe space to receive makeup support and encouragement from like-minded women. BTYT has helped hundreds of women improve their makeup skills from the comfort of their own home!

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